Mechanical Engineering Careers

Mechanical Engineering is broad-based, covering areas such as machine design, materials engineering, aerodynamics, power generation, mechatronics, and dynamics to name a few. Many of the fields of Mechanical Engineering come together when exciting projects are undertaken, like producing a winning Formula 1Ferrari or designing a hypersonic passenger spacecraft.

What is a Mechanical Engineer?

  • A mechanical engineer is someone with a natural curiosity and a creative desire to make things that work. 
  • Mechanical engineers combine sound knowledge of physical and engineering science with ingenuity to create the mechanical devices and systems that are essential to almost every industry and every phase of technology. 
  • Their activities range from those leading to the production of a machine (research, design, development and manufacturing) to those ensuring the optimal performance of the equipment (manufacturing and production), including management and consultation.

Career Opportunities for the Mechanical Engineer
  • A wide variety of career opportunities are available to mechanical engineers in diverse areas such as transportation; nuclear, solar and fossil fuel energy development and utilisation; mining and earth moving equipment; heating and air-conditioning; air and water pollution control; metals and materials; or in the development of orthopaedic apparatus. 
  • Research forms an integral part of the development of many of these areas to establish and develop operating principles of mechanisms, devices and systems. 
  • Many mechanical engineers find careers in manufacturing industries. In the automotive industry, for example, they are involved in the design, development, fabrication, assembly and maintenance of engines, transmissions, chassis, bodies and suspension systems. 
  • Indeed the mechanical engineer forms a vital and integral part in the maintenance and management of systems in nearly all types of industry; whether they involve space technologies, computerised industrial systems or the extension of conventional technology to undeveloped areas.
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