Lecture Venues

Modern lecture venues are made used for lecturing and are ideally suited for teaching and learning. The lecture venues are fully fitted with appropriate lighting, projectors, blackboards, whiteboards and other media tools. All lecture venues include tiered seating and lecture benches. The lecture venues fully cater for heuristic teaching and lecturing to students. Venue caters up to 90 students per lecture venue. 

Computer LAN Facilities

The Mechanical Engineering Department houses 2 computer LAN facilities. The Venter computer LAN can accommodate up to 90 students and the final year computer LAN can accommodate up to 40 students. A wide range of simulation and Computer Aided Design software is made accessible to all students. 


Workshops are managed by an experienced technician team from the Department of Mechanical Engineering. The workshop manager oversees the different operations utilized in the workshop, from lathes, welding, woodwork, workshop training, etc. All workshops are maintained to preserve a professional and academic learning environment for students and staff.
Teaching & Learning Laboratories

In the Mechanical Engineering Department student spend a considerable part of their time doing a wide range of coursework practicals and laboratory work. The departments teaching and learning laboratories are outfitted with up to date equipment to cater for the academic needs of the students. Working in laboratories provides students with ‘hands-on’ training and practical classes are established to allow students to develop their skills in discipline-based techniques. 
Research Laboratories

State of the art research laboratories are used in the designing and manufacturing of research projects used in testing and experimental analysis. Laboratories are available for all post graduate students with regards to their research groups and centers. Research laboratories in combination with research office space help generate favorable academic conditions for research output.
Research Office Space

Research office space is provided for all full-time and part-time post-graduate students and staff. The office spaces is maintained in conjunction with research laboratories for research and knowledge production. These office spaces provide the perfect environment for researchers to work and produce research for publications in conferences and journals, thesis/dissertation requirements, etc.

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